Vision & Mission



envision transformed communities and protected environment through sustainable development.




provide services in humanitarian and development context through social mobilization, participation, environmental initiatives and advocacy for sustainable human and environmental development.

SHED Goal & Objectives


Society for Human & Environmental Development (SHED) aims to work for the development and empowerment of communities through sustainable development and safe environment.


  1. To promote governance, linkages development, empowerment of women, children, persons with disabilities, youth and minorities and environment protection through mobilization, participation, advocacy, awareness raising campaigns and information dissemination.
  2. To enhance quality of socio-economic life through improvement of health and education services, community infrastructure, capacity building, livelihoods, provision of clean drinking water, improvement of health and hygiene, protection of natural resources as well as economic empowerment of poor and marginalized segments of the society.
  3. To respond to humanitarian emergencies by helping people to cope with crisis through preparedness, disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and post-crisis recovery and rehabilitation.